As ridiculous as they may be from time to time, I still look forward to each year’s wild and rampant .

Here’s my favorite Bonnaroo rumor so far…

Ok, I just talked to Mr. , president of himself and he has told me that, as long as the moon is NOT in the 7th house and jupiter does NOT allign Mars, this will be the for :

(Friday Night)
Reunion (Saturday Night)
(Sunday Night)
The Ghosts of , , Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk, and John Bonom jam to the of

playing the surviving members of
A , , and Bass Supergroup Jam (w/ John Fishman on Drums)
Jesus and his 12 apostles jazz ensemble

Whoa, man! Can you imagine if got back together and you had to choose between that and The Set? Hooooweeee, tough choices…

Thanks to reader Mike for making me laugh out loud…

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