MUST-SEE LINK: The Last Beatles Photo Shoot

Here’s an interesting lunch-time distraction for you:

The Last Beatles Photo Shoot [Messy Nessy Chic]

They had just finished recording the last album they would ever make together, and relations between the four band members of the Beatles were at an all-time low. George Harrison had walked out for five days during the recording of Abbey Road and threatened to leave the band all together. Lennon called the experience of recording the album “hell … the most miserable … on Earth”. Soon after the last track was laid down, they had their last photo shoot. Despite the bright and beautiful backdrop, there was no hiding the dark mood that day.

Amazing photos and amazing backstory; you really can see the tension in the photos. For those of you that missed, I highly recommend giving the Living in the Material World documentary that Martin Scorsese put together. It’s four hours of greatness; I’ve actually watched it more than once and they go into a lot more detail about what lead to the breakup.