musicians for emailing

While checking my Gmail account yesterday, I found a similar message from many different sources…

Beastie Boys: Please get out there and vote. All three of us are voting for Kerry and we hope you will too. This election is the most critical we’ve seen in our lifetime. Please vote and help to make a change.

Phish: At the Phish organization, we have always had great appreciation for the
passion and the pervasiveness of the community that has supported the
band. Now, with an important juncture for our country ahead of us, we
encourage you all to demonstrate those qualities by going to the polls
on Tuesday. Do not be discouraged by rumors of fraud and bureaucracy.
Also, please consider calling folks you know near and far who might need
some encouragement to get out and vote. Regardless of who you support in
this election, please exercise your right to VOTE.

STS9: Greetings, Election Day is almost upon us! We strongly encourage you to cast your vote. THIS IS THE WAY YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

If I haven’t told you already five thousand times, just go vote today. It matters in so many places today!

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