I slapped the alligator and bit that shark!

On their special-guest heavy new record Carnivale Electricos, invited a couple familiar faces from the local rap scene to bring their A-game on a the hot new track “Move Fast”. Check. it. out.


Recently re-jailed and vibe around cars again, visiting a swampy raceway in the clip for “Move Fast,” their collaboration with New Orleans funk five-piece Galactic. Over brassy parade wobble, Mystikal raps about partying at age 40, unable to meet a girl on the floor because of his bad knees. Even so, he doesn’t lack for energy, ferociously pantomiming lyrics like slapped that alligator, bit that shark. Fresh didn’t produce “Move Fast” (from Galactic’s Mardi Gras-inspired Carnivale Electricos, out now), but Mystikal told MTV that since returning home, he and Fresh have collaborated on “about five” tracks. Those songs probably won’t end up on Mystikal’s Cash Money debut, though, says label CEO Birdman. “Honestly, I don’t care to work with Fresh and none of his music… I want him with all new music. No disrespect to Fresh, but we ain’t on that sound,” he told XXL last year. In July, Mystikal will release a mixtape called Origins, more likely to feature tracks made with Fresh. “What I do with Mannie is what I do with Mannie, what I do with my company is with the company,” he said.