Here are some more tasty details for you from This mostly just re-affirms what we already knew, but it’s still nice to see the rumors corroborated by a legit source:

After months of speculation, the producers of the festival have confirmed they will stage a mega-event in Las Vegas around . Produced by A.C. Entertainment and , is set for Vegas’ Sam Boyd Stadium Oct. 29-30. Other late-night music events are planned for the area in as many as five different venues from Oct. 28 until night. Among those believed to be performing at the stadium shows are , the Black Crowes and . president Jonathan Mayers would not confirm any artists, but did tell .com, “We’re very excited about the lineup we’re putting together. The programming will be somewhat similar to in that it will be an eclectic mix of artists.”

Of course, we’re all still foaming at the mouth for more info. Come on guys, throw us a friggin’ bone here!

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