UPDATE: the documentary is now getting a proper digital release due out this October 11th.

This just in…more dates have been added to the Between Me and My Mind showings, the new documentary exploring the creative live of Phish frontman Trey Anastasio.

Recently it premiered in New York City as part of a special Trey Anastasio Band show, and then premiered nationally this past Wednesday, July 17th, but we thought that was the last of it. I’m pretty sure they said “one night only” lol but hey, that’s cool. We welcome more chances to see this one, especially if fans were busy that night.

Here are a bunch of cities that have shows confirmed via Ticketmaster:

New York, NY
Cincinnati, OH
Wilmington, DE
Philadelphia, PA
Denver, CO
New Orleans, LA
Silver Spring, MD
Los Angeles, CA
Detroit, MI
Grand Rapids, MI
Chicago, IL
Indianapolis, IN
Atlanta, GA
Riverside, CA

Go here to get tickets and see what’s booked also on the film’s website (looks like they’re adding more daily).

Here’s the trailer in case you needed another reason to check it out.

Between Me and My Mind | Official Trailer | In Cinemas July 17