I just realized that we never posted anything on this when the news was released, so in an act of shame I now present to you some old news that you’d certainly know about if you were a big Phish fan. The news of all the side projects surrounding the band definitely hit full internet stride in the past couple weeks, even though we’ve yet to hear what the hell Fishman has been cooking up besides the random sit-in here and there. I’m not holding my breath for a Pork Tornado reunion, that’s for sure. Mike and Trey are clearly the ones making the most noise, but it turns out Page is working on some stuff, too. He’ll be joining some of his old buddies in a band called MOODOO.

Page McConnell is going to be joining Porter Batiste Stoltz for a few shows at the end of September as well as releasing a live album from a past performance when Page sat in. There are more details on www.doyoumoodoo.com as well as a free live track from the album.

Not to be confused with the composted cow manure variety, although I’m sure they’re both quite funky. Zing!

I’m downloading the live track now. Anyone else sample it yet?

Porter, Batiste & Stoltz (with Page McConnell) | 2008 Tour Dates

9/24 – Revolution Hall; Troy, NY
9/25 – Lupo’s; Providence, RI
9/26 – B.B. Kings; NYC
9/27 – Higher Ground; Burlington, VT