We’re all psyched to see come into play as the must-have tool for ging from a concert, especially for the arena-size social network that was 2009. Technology really stepped it up a notch when the band came back and I think we’ll continue to see that pattern in use for other, smaller acts that want to connect with their fans from the show.

Carrie from Monitor Mix thinks we’ll see this play out on stage, as well…

6. ians will realize that it’s easier to tweet a concert to fans than to actually perform for them. Example: @JensLekman: Just walked on stage. @JensLekman: Tuning. @JensLekman: Just played my first song. @JenLekman: Even though you didn’t hear it. @JensLekman: It was better than anything I’ve ever done. @JensLekman: Tuning. @JensLekman: I love you, too. @JensLekman: I have one more song. @JensLekman: Thank you, goodnight!

That was the sickest jam we’ve ever seen.