Monday Monday

Some links to start off your day…

In case you didn’t know, the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album has leaked and I guess it’s all over the internet. Flea got upset and told the entire world, “wait, but, uhm, that copy won’t sound good so that’s why you should still buy our album…” It sounds like they put a lot of their eggs into this album and they’re worried it won’t pay off.

I was too late to get Radiohead tickets this Saturday, and Ryan didn’t have any luck either.

Live Nation reports excellent Q1 numbers. Us fans are crying ourselves to sleep at night over the cost of concert tickets while Live Nation boasts significant financial performance improvement. Yippee.

Download Bloc Party’s set from Coachella 2006 (mp3’s).

Dark Side of the Moon has been on the Billboard charts for a combined 1,500 weeks. My god. That’s a lot of Dark Side

In case anybody cares (I do), Scott Stapp is totally over it…
“Aside from all the other stuff [arrests, the leak of the sex tape], which I don’t even concern myself with–why worry about things you can’t control?–things couldn’t be better. My wife and my son will be here in a couple hours. Usually they come with me on Friday and stay with me through the weekend. He had Friday off of school,” Stapp said.

If you only follow one link today, make it over to Burning Oak for a chance to get a weekend pass to Summer Camp 2006. This is coming up quickly and I’m already starting to plan my camping gear for the weekend, so you should join us if you’re interested.

Don’t forget about the Beatles contest either.