Today is a day of link celebration!

As I head off to the dentist to determine whether or not I need a root canal (damnit!), enjoy some links and look for some updates this week. I was working feverishly all weekend.

Man I miss sometimes. 20-stair kickflip. Watch it.

Justin Kreutzmann is doing a film/doc on Tea Leaf Green. Wow, I’m super interested to see how that’ll turn out. And might I add that I’d consider quite ambitious to already be talking “” film. Maybe this is part of their “let’s build mystique early on” campaign…

Velvet Sea hit the Disco Biscuits show on Saturday night at the Albany Theater.

Brooklynvegan wins the Guns N’ Roses Photos So Popular My Web Host Keeps Shutting Me Down contest following Friday’s in . Here’s his photos and thoughts, then a video, then more photos, and then the final batch here.

Wilco played an excellent new song on Conan O’Brien’s Friday night show in Chicago (his last). rbally has some classic (?) Wilco for download, also.

Camp Bisco V has been announced for August 25-26, 2006 in Hunter, NY.

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