Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I got to catch up on some movies and some minor blog maintenance in the background, so that’s cool.

The New Zealand Herald reviews the Secret Machines Ten Silver Drops album. [link]

Glide Magazine reviews Umphrey’s McGee’s April 8, 2006 show in Portland. [link]

My 2006 Wanee Festival download page has been updated with the Dumstaphunk set. [link]

Glide Magazine also reviews Secret Machines Ten Silver Drops. [link]

Download the Jammys 2006 torrent at bt.etree.

Chicagoist reviews the Morningwood/The Sounds show from Thursday, 4/20 at the Metro.
“Chantal’s uber-rockstar antics began in earnest during “New York Girls” when she jumped into the area between the stage and the barricade, grabbed a boy by the head and forced his face right between her breasts for the duration. Before “Body 21″ Chantal asked us all to start a grind pit and she jumped right in riding a guy horsey back through the dancing crowd.”

The latest rock and reel photo is a gem. [link]

Oh, and more about the Secret Machines, they’re going to be on Conan O’Brien tomorrow night. TiVo…check!