The Palm Beach Post reviews the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
“A different sort of beautiful — beautifully weird — is the giant flying hotdog that Phish flew in above the crowd at Boston Garden at their 1993 New Year’s show, which now hangs above the Exhibition Hall. I imagine this gave those Phish fans a wicked case of the munchies, because, you know, they’re hanging out at a Phish show, and, well . . . munchies. Don’t make me draw you a picture.” – LOL

The Rolling Stones for Rice Krispies?

Download mp3’s from The Raconteurs’ show last week in Glasgow, Scotland. I’m excited for their appearance at Lollapalooza 2006. Download some Raconteurs live torrents here.

Newsweek covers SXSW 2006.

Also on Newsweek, Kid Rock sits down with the mag and gives a little insight into one of my favorite topics on this blog, Scott Stapp.
“…I’m not surprised that someone got it on tape. But, man—what the hell were you doing hanging out with Scott Stapp?” – Kid Rock on his fans’ reaction to the Stapp/Rock sex tape scandal

For Chicago classical music fans, the Chicago Park District has released their summer concert schedule, affectionately known as the Grant Park Music Festival. Check it.

Download some live Beck and LCD Soundsystem mp3s at rbally’s blog. Good stuff.