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Pollstar on the 2006 Jammys and Sasquatch 2006.

There’s a ton of juice over at today: The Who Plans European Tour (with ’s of every show to be available), Eric Clapton Plans European Tour (with in the band!), Jimmy Buffet is touring during 2006, and Guster Plans an Eco-friendly Tour

Glide Magazine reviews the Yonder Mountain String Band show from Friday night.

Filter Mag on Sasquatch 2006.

Indie Rockers Turn Down Hummer Ad Song Placement

Justin Drunkard is obsessed with Ryan Adams. In a good way.
Maybe I should start liking him?

danfun reviews the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Night 1 and Night 2 from this weekend in . There’s reviews all over the place for these shows, too.

Lou Reed does Torino.