Rob Derhak from moe. just posted some amazing news following his cancer treatment…

Hi Friends,
I have some good news to post today. After being scanned, poked, and prodded my Dr.’s have given me a green light. Did I kick cancers ass? No, it beat me up pretty good. But I just didn’t have the sense to go down, and eventually the cancer grew tired and hit the mat. So essentially, I rope-a-doped the dam thing. Although I’ll need to continue the Dr.’s visits for the next 5 years, they’ve given me a clean bill of health and declared me cancer free, with only a minimal chance that it will return. So thank you to everyone that was pulling for me, the support I received was instrumental in helping me get through this. I am truly looking forward to seeing everyone when I hit the stage again this February, with moe.
Thanks from Your Pal,

We’re so thankful to hear.

Rob and the rest of the have some shows already confirmed for next year, including a run at The Cap and their Red Rocks date.