This looks like a good and cause. Let’s try and spread . It’d be a great gift to the community if they could fill the place and raise some money…


The NY rock band will perform at the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse, NY, Sunday, January 22. The concert will benefit the Kelberman Center – a comprehensive community resource for individuals autism spectrum disorder and their families. The concert begins at 7:30PM. are $25 and will be on sale December 9th. may be purchased via, , or charge by phone at 315-472-0700.


The Kelberman Center is a new nonprofit affiliated Cerebral Palsy (UCP) in Utica, NY. Begun by a dedicated group of parents confronted the challenges of raising children with autism, The Kelberman Center bears the name of a local Utica family who have been at the forefront of the initiative to ensure that all individuals within the spectrum are afforded the opportunity to develop to their full potential. The Promise Program at UCP is renowned for providing services for preschoolers within the autism spectrum. The Kelberman Center will provide support and services for children, and their families, beyond preschool.

moe. guitarist is a parent of an autistic child and is a New Hartford resident. His daughter was a student at the Promise Program at UCP. “The Promise School is one of the leading resources for autistic preschoolers in the country. I was amazed, and grateful, to learn that one of the most highly regarded programs was right here in our community. As we learn more about autism, and as our kids grow older, we are finding that we as parents and our children need that same high quality and progressive resource beyond the Promise Program’s objective. The Kelberman Center is fulfilling that need,” said Schnier.

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