Let’s get the week started off right by featuring some selections and randon snippets of what I’ve been listening to lately.

In an effort to start the week off with a little bluegrass (or in this case, progressive jazz-fusion grass), music that never gets the full treatment on Blog even though it should, let’s hear some recent Bela Fleck live.

The first track is crazy special to me, even if it’s from the same show but does not feature Bela Fleck. My better half and I enter our wedding reception to family cheers and Bossa Nova ( Power theme song) blasting–AWESOME.

Next up is a track–I’ll let the band tell it best…

For our live newsletter track we have a song from a great songwriter, Barry Cowsill, that sadly left us after the hurricaine. We’ve got his tribute to the underlife in NOLA: “Crack Alley” (mp3). The song was performed at the Castle Theater and we were joined on stage by a good friend, Jeff Beninato, long time bass player from the seminal southern rockers, the dB’s. We highly encourage everyone to listen to this track as it is pretty f’n smoking if we do say so ourselves.

Moving on…even though my better half has never been a fan of this song, it continues to grow on me and I’m glad it made Safety in Numbers, Umphrey’s McGee’s new album slated for April release.

If you were excited as all hell when announced their initial 2002 comeback with Round Room, don’t get too excited over these outtakes from the same session. (via Jesse’s Frank & Earthy Blog)

was just added to 2006, which makes me extremely happy. In my opinion, the band got passed over for 2006 in a rather unjust fashion depending on who’s side of the story you care to speculate, so hopefully they get a nice late afternoon spot to warm up the crowd for the headliners.

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