Mike Gordon and Leo Kottke announced 'Noon' due out on August 28th

teased us yesterday with a clip of him playing again with , and following a brief debut last night on PhishRadio, this morning the duo has confirmed that they have a full album on the way soon. The new is called Noon, and today they have two new singles up that were released along with the news. The full 41 minute album will hit on August 28th with vinyl to follow later this year.

Check out the full feature on the announcement at American Songwriter, with some great info about how the two work together plus some snippets of info on how these new sessions came together. drummer plays on a few of the tunes also.

“Unless it’s entirely improvised, it’s really hard to make it work. This is our third record because we can improvise and we can make it work. It’s a very different experience and that’s why I’m more or less happy to go back in the studio if Mike is going to be there. The only thing I wish we could do is somehow record exactly what we do face to face, because we lock really well.” –

Listen to “I Am Random” which was penned by and and “Ants” which was written by Leo Kottke below.

Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon - I Am Random (Official Art Track)

Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon - Ants (Official Art Track)

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