Mike Gordon Guests on Tom Marshall’s Latest ‘Under The Scales’ Podcast [Part Two]

Phish @ MSG 12.28.18 © Paul Citone

Mike Gordon was the latest podcast guest in conversation with Tom Marshall on his Under the Scales podcast, and they posted part one last week and part two is now live!

A sampling of Mike’s music accompanies further discussion about the creative process. Mike’s solo projects are covered, and songs highlighted. Mike’s motives for each subsequent project seems to change as his collaborations with admirable artists continues to abound. However, Scott Murawski emerges as possibly Mike’s longest collaborator. Mike discusses his extensive journals he keeps about his playing, and gives us a glimpse into these as he shares the best jams from previous tours. Mike turns the mic around and interviews Tom about songwriting with a few insightful questions.

Check it out below.

Under The Scales 049:Mike Gordon Part 2 [www]