has announced a new solo album called RAMU, due out for release on November 10th via Verve Forecast. And I’m already blown away by who I’m seeing helped him out on the LP…

Co-produced by (formerly of Pretty Lights), the record features Animal Collective’s , (from ), recordings from the late and , and unreleased field recordings by . [via]

Other artists that contributed to the project include on tabla, on bass, on talking drum, on conga, on guitar, (of ), and .

All in all it sounds pretty interesting, and the two tracks you can sample today are pretty wild. This isn’t the first time Animal Collective and the Dead team have played together in some context — remember “What Would I Want Sky?” — so I’m excited that these two have linked up.

– Wayward Son (Audio) ft.

And obviously it’s great to see some other fine percussion players contributing to the overall cacophony of drums that Hart usually delivers to the masses.

Check out the track “Big Bad Wolf” below with Tarriona ‘Tank’ Ball…

– Big Bad Wolf (Audio) ft. Tarriona 'Tank' Ball

Mickey really is a hot-head, though. Let’s hope his tour doesn’t kick off with him kicking his equipment again…

LOL. Sorry, I had to include that. :)