Watch Megan Thee Stallion on NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Watch Megan Thee Stallion on the latest episode of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, recorded a month back for their Tiny Desk Fest streaming event.

Though she’s usually known for extensive twerking during her stage performances, at the Tiny Desk, Meg played up a different skill set: impeccable timing and lung capacity.

This one is definitely NSFW so keep those headphones on when you drop into this one. It’s fire 🔥🔥🔥.

Megan’s lyrical content lies in subverting established sexual dynamics and no matter the level of raunch she deploys, empowering women remains the artist’s manifesto. Co-signs from all across hip-hop, from Q-Tip to Nicki Minaj to Chance the Rapper, have only bolstered her appeal and validated her bars in the eyes of the genre’s cultural gatekeepers.

Scroll down to see the setlist and the video of the performance.

“Freak Nasty”
“Cash S***”
“Big Ole Freak”
“Hot Girl Summer”
“F****** Around”
“Money Good”

Megan Thee Stallion: vocals; Elbee Thrie: vocal, percussion; Elijah Rawk: guitar; Maffyuu: drums; Aja Grant: keys; Bari Bass: bass; Ebony Joi: vocals