It’s been a few years since debuted the of during their 2018 run in . had never heard of the “obscure Scandinavian band” that made in a bunker, only to disappear without ever playing a show, so revived the “classics” for the set of shows and they quickly became a main staple in shows.

Nobody ever expected to break out of the Phish “inside joke” world, but thanks to this clip from Noah B on Twitter his student marching band near Savannah, Georgia, this song could finally break out a bit. Imagine seeing Kasvot Växt – “Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S.” printed on a program for the local parents to see as their kids drop into this…

yesssssss! “Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho!”

even caught wind of the clip and posted it on his socials, calling it the “Best. Version. EVER 😄✊”

Hopefully we’ll get a fully recorded version of the song soon!

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