Marc Maron is a huge blues fan and he’s got a living legend on his latest WTF Podcast episode to celebrate some of that classic fandom of his.

As the announcement shared, the duo chat on the city of Chicago plus other guitar/blues legends Muddy Waters, BB King, John Lee Hooker, Wolf, and overall creative and professional endurance!

Legendary blues guitarist Buddy Guy had many insecurities about performing and they didn’t really subside until musicians like Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck would tell him how big of an influence he was on them. Buddy tells Marc about is humble beginnings, growing up in Louisiana to sharecropper parents, picking cotton for small amounts of money. His high energy performances, inspired by Guitar Slim, helped Buddy stand out among his peers, but respect in the industry was hard fought and late coming, with his breakout record arriving when Buddy was in his 50s.

You can hear the full episode here.