phish marc maron betty gilpin

On the latest WTF Podcast with Marc Maron, the famed podcast host invites fellow GLOW star Betty Gilpin to a long-ranging conversation about acting, their inner demons, and a bunch of miscellaneous, friendly chatter.

To close the podcast, Marc mentions that they had a previously heated conversation that he wanted to bring into the on-air conversation, namely, the band Phish. In a previous podcast together with them, Gilpin gave Maron a little bit of an education about how smart they are at their instruments, Zappa-like she had said of the band. And Maron said everyone keeps getting on him to talk to Trey Anastasio, which he’ll eventually get into setting up, but he just doesn’t know where to start.

“If I’m going to like… start listening to Phish…”

The actress Betty Gilpin has long been “out” as a fan and her first show was actually the band’s “last” concert before their breakup, Coventry. They quickly gloss over this and she even walks back a bit from giving him any on-air recommendations, as one of the best parts is where she goes into Phantasy Tour and how it’s “terrifying.” LOLZ.

“Phish fans are terrifying. There’s a message board called Phantasy Tour, they rip apart everything.”

Thankfully she clarifies a bit and says that the actual experience of a Phish show is good and you’re surrounded by the most wonderful people when you’re there, but they quickly walk in and out of it before she says that she’ll give him a mix of the good stuff. And that her stoner days are over, so she isn’t as much into the band as she used to be. Funny moment for sure. :)

Listen to the episode here.