madison beer bottlerock napa 2019 performance cut short due to gun scare in the crowd

On Saturday evening Madison Beer was on stage at BottleRock Music Festival up in Napa, California, and suddenly the set got cut a bit as a TMZ is reporting that there was a “gun scare” in the crowd beneath her. Woah. Scary.

Madison was in the middle of performing Radiohead’s “Creep,” when she abruptly stopped her crooning and ran over to the side stage in a panic after seeing something in the crowd.

Very sketch.

Madison Beer Gets GUN Pulled In her Concert!

Ultimately it turned out to be nothing (phew), but a scary moment at a music festival nonetheless. Some of these things aren’t super tight on security and it’s sad to see artists dealing with “scares” while they’re on stage, but hey, these things happen.

BottleRock Napa finished up this past weekend.