Our old buddy Nick (of Wino Riot) just sent me an update on a festival he’s working on, and I have to say I’m quite psyched to see a new soon-to-be-national festival getting another regional bump this year. LumberJam 2006 is a small, regional music festival featuring some bands from West Virginia, Vermont, and Pennsylvania — they’ve set up shop at Sunshine Daydream (same spot as All Good in the past) — and tickets are only $25.

Yes, it is the same weekend at 10KLF. So what. If you’re not going to either one, consider your cheaper, friendly alternative in LumberJam and have a blast!

LumberJam Music Festival
Sunshine Daydream Music Park
Terra Alta, WV
July 21st-July 23rd

Wino Riot
Fourth River
CK9 and the Old E Allstars
Mr. Devious
Borderless Puzzle
Big With Seed
Japhy Ryder
The Wheels
Salvoiure Volley
King Cotton Rounders
Northern Shoveler