Love My Modifications

Well, in honor of the’s first birthday, I’ve completed a couple key areas of the site that were missing before.

First of all, the archives were completely messed up before I got a handle on them. Now, I’ve consolidated them on one list on the Archives page. It has the Monthly archives, Category archives, and All archives listed out by their respective titles. It’s pretty easy to follow, and it should take you everywhere you need to be.

I settled on a three-column layout, as I feel there’s really too much information to be presented to be effectively shown in two columns. Overall, every single blog I read seemingly looks better with three columns. Therefore, I went with it.

The ads shouldn’t be intrusive at all, but please let me know if it’s something that you could do without. I know that ads are too much to look at sometimes, so I’ve tried to do my best to get them out of the way for us power users.

All in all, the site should be performing in tip-top shape. Please contact us if it’s not and keep on keepin’ on!