Lotus Remix Project | Copy/Paste/Repeat


In my mind, one of the best things about a live concert is the connection between the musicians and the fans that occurs through this medium. The crowd becomes a part of the equation by adding their own energy and anticipation to the music. This relationship can elevate the atmosphere to a level that, I feel, cannot be reached in the studio, absent the fan element. Lotus is a band in the midst of a project that really pushes the boundaries of this relationship between fan and musician: they have opened up their own music to reinterpretation by their fans through a remix project, dubbed “Copy Paste Repeat.”

Currently starting the ultimate European vacation at the Jam in the Dam and their own ‘Copy Paste Repeat: Lotus Remixed Tour,’ the band hopes to celebrate the theme of their travels through the project. Lotus labels itself as an act that blends rock band elements with modern dance music and live improvisation. Being an amalgam of these musical pieces, the group’s fans are obviously going to have different perspectives on the band’s output. Lotus is running with this dynamic and allowing their fans to remix the track “Bubonic Tonic” and submit the new song back to the band.

Copy/Paste/Repeat is a project rarely seen in the music world. The band is handing over the source files through download and giving the fans an opportunity to make their own music. In today’s music landscape, we seem to be more frequently confronted with bands — or, at least their labels — suing fans for copyright infringement than with a group willing to hand over its own music to be altered. I applaud Lotus for being so modest and aware of those who help them do what they love. This band just jumped to the high end of the list of forward-thinking artists in today’s music world. So, if you’re a remixing type, go download the track, have fun with it and send it back to the band for consideration. Who knows, it may end up on their next remix project.

Lotus is currently on tour and recently caught the eyes/ears of our own Mr. WHITperson.

Copy Paste Repeat: Lotus Remixed Tour

03/16/2008 Jam in the Dam [NET]
03/27/2008 State College, PA
03/28/2008 Northampton, MA
03/29/2008 So. Burlington, VT
04/03/2008 Plains, PA
04/04/2008 Troy, NY
04/05/2008 New York, NY
04/08/2008 Columbia, MO
04/09/2008 Lawrence, KS
04/10/2008 Ft. Collins, CO
04/11/2008 Boulder, CO
04/12/2008 Boulder, CO
04/15/2008 Boise, ID
04/16/2008 Seattle, WA
04/17/2008 Portland, OR
04/18/2008 Eureka, CA
04/19/2008 San Francisco, CA
04/20/2008 Crystal Bay, NV
05/23/2008 Hookahville 29 [OH]
05/24/2008 Summer Camp 2008 [IL]
05/30/2008 Mountain Jam IV [NY]
07/03/2008 ROTHBURY Festival [MI]