It looks like Lotus has finalized a massive fall tour and plan to release a new album on October 14, called Hammerstrike. I last caught Lotus in Charlottesville for a seriously sweaty dance party. The place was sold out and packed to the gills. I was rather impressed at how well they had honed their improv chops and were able to get the party moving. So it’s no surprise that they’re able to headline some larger on this next tour. These young dudes from have really come a long way.

Although is definitely more of a live band, they can piece together a decent album. Here’s a brief write-up of Hammerstrick according to the Fidelity:

Hammerstrike (October 14, 2008/ Fidelity) finds the band reaching back in order to move forward. Primarily recorded live in one room to analog tape by Bill Moriarty (, ), the album captures a sound that harkens back to the 70’s but never slips into nostalgic retreads. The compositions are focused and melodic, filled out with orchestration including swelling violins and cellos, banjo, wordless choirs, and electronic noises. Though the tracks range from dance floor ready rockers to soaring post-rock instrumentals, the album is held together by a sanguine spirit pervading each track. The big guitars, feedback, and distortion serve an optimistic purpose. It is a decidedly rican feel that invokes big skies, open roads, and a zealous yet naïve pursuit of the idea that defeat will never be conceded.

Heh, “sanguine spirit.” You gotta love those promo copy-writers at Fidelity. Sounds interesting.

Full tour dates after the jump…

| Fall 2008

September 24 Mercury NY The Debut of Hammerstrike in its Entirety
September 25 Revolution Hall Troy NY
September 26 Higher Ground VT
September 27 MA
October 6 Canopy Club Urbana IL
October 7 The Cobia MO w/ Elastik
October 8 The Old Rock House MO w/ The Egg
October 9 Slowdown aha NE w/ Somasphere
October 10 Theater CO w/ BLVD
October 11 Aggie Theatre Ft. Collins CO w/ BLVD
October 14 Flagstaff AZ w/ BLVD
October 15 Tavern ana Beach CA w/ BLVD
October 16 CA w/ Region of Darkness, BLVD
October 17 Great rican Hall CA
October 18 McDonald Theatre Eugene OR w/ BLVD
October 19 Crystal Ballroom OR w/ BLVD
October 22 The Cabooze MN w/
October 23 Majestic Theatre Madison WI w/
October 24 Miramar Theatre Milwaukee WI w/
October 25 IL w/
October 26 The ion Grand Rapids MI w/ Garganta
October 28 Skully’s -Diner Cobus OH w/
October 29 Cleveland OH w/
October 30 Lulu’s State College State College PA
October 31 PA w/
November 1 9:30 Club
November 2 Richmond VA w/ SeepeopleS
November 5 Neighborhood Theatre Charlotte NC w/ SeepeopleS
November 6 Cat’s Cradle w/ SeepeopleS
November 7 Orange Peel Asheville NC w/ SeepeopleS
November 8 Athens GA w/ SeepeopleS
November 9 Farm SC w/ SeepeopleS
November 11 Freebird Jacksonville FL w/ SeepeopleS
November 12 Beta Bar Tallahassee FL w/ SeepeopleS
November 13 Proud Larry’s Ox MS w/ SeepeopleS
November 14 Tipitina’s (Indoors) LA w/ SeepeopleS
November 15 Antone’s w/ SeepeopleS
November 26 Chameleon Club Lancaster PA
November 28 Mr. Small’s Theatre Millvale PA
November 29 NY at Irving Plaza NY
December 30-31 CO

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