looking for drummers

The Disco Biscuits have announced that Sam Altman, the man behind the great trance-fusion breakbeats of tDB, will be leaving the band, with the last performance to be at Amsterjam. Well, yet another reason why I’m bummed that I won’t be able to hit this festival. This is truly my four favorite jambands right now. All in the same cool-ass, 1500 seat hall in the heart of Amsterdam. (Jambands.com)

Sammy will be pursuing a career in the medical field. I have to say that it would be damn hard for me to pass up an awesome opportunity to go big–just waiting for the doors to burst open and find that crowds want to keep getting bigger–and play the music that you’ve always dreamed of playing. This is the exact same way that Umphrey’s McGee lost their first drummer, Mike Mirro (edit: how unbelievably sweet is it that Kris Myers, the new guy, is beyond phenomenal and allowed Umphrey’s to grow even further). Apparently, the medical profession just CALLS them away from their childhood dream. All the best to Sammy and I hope the Disco Biscuits aren’t done. I’ve enjoyed their music for a while and I hope they can find the same magic they had with Sammy.

In other looking for drummers news, local Chicago band, the Herbert Wiser Band, is looking for a drummer. Rick Fast, Report and ex-NXNW, has their ear and told them that I’d be interested. I’m just waiting for the call…