Who’s bright idea was it to have rolling papers handed out at the Thursday Lollapalooza press conference in Grant Park?

The rolling papers were set up on a press table a few feet from a playground and advertised the Lollapalooza music festival as “fully baked rock and roll.”

A list of terms for illegal drugs on the online site Wikipedia defines “baked” as “intoxicated from marijuana use.”

For some reason I find it hugely comical that the Sun Times is using Wikipedia as its source for defining what “baked” means.

And from a marketing/PR standpoint, isn’t this just the stupidest way to bring totally unnecessary attention to a very infant music festival working to solidify future city contracts? And the name of the public relations firm is just the icing on the cake…

The press conference, while in Washington Park and promoted by the park district, was organized on-site by Lollapalooza’s public relations firm, Fresh and Clean Media.

Way to go, Perry.