Lollapalooza 2008 | Day Two Preview

Now that Justin has properly filled everyone in on what to see at Lollapalooza Day 1, I’ll take the reigns and give everyone some can’t misses for Saturday’s action. In my opinion Saturday has the best line-up top to bottom, including two of the top three headliners — guess the other. While choosing between a reformed Rage Against the Machine or the brilliant local superstars, Wilco, is on everyone’s mind there are a ton of bands to see at this festival.

Obviously, with this many bands there are going to be a few overlapping sets, but I feel the organizers did a nice job of scheduling overall. Don’t want to deal with hiking across Grant Park all day? On Saturday you could spend the entire day on the south side of the park and see some really great music. But of course, people watching, picking your favorite stage and finding the nicest beer vendor is part of the fun. Follow the jump for my Saturday picks.

I plan a festival day very strategically and with some outside influences. I don’t simply rank and get to those shows. Taking a look at what’s ahead in the concert calendar can definitely free some conflicts up. Also, having an urge to see a band at night, in a small intimate venue can be another reason to forego a festival set. Just make sure they’ll come through your town in the near future. With that being said, this is who I am excited to see on Day 2 of Lollapalooza.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? (12:30, Bud Light Stage)

Though they will probably be overshadowed by The Ting Tings (playing at the same), DIOYY will definitely be the better act to see. An up and coming dance rock band from the UK, DIOYY are soon to be on many, many radars. That said, I may skip this set because I get to see them at the House of Blues later in the night with Bloc Party and CSS

Dr. Dog (1:30, My Space Stage)

The first band that will definitely get me out of bed is Dr. Dog. I’ve heard nothing but great things about their live show, and I’m excited to see them for the first time. Though I’m not an avid listener, Dr. Dog’s music has a feel to it that allows for the casual fan to enjoy as well.

The Foals (2:15, Citi Stage)

Probably one of the top two bands I’m pumped about seeing today, The Foals are really sweet. They are part Battles, part Disco Biscuits — that’s right, Disco Biscuits — and their live show is aggressive and dance-able. Just take sample from below. Anyone who is going to the Double Door for their dual bill with Battles is in for a treat.

The Foals – Live @ Razzmatazz [You Tube]

MGMT (3:30, My Space Stage)

MGMT completes the other half of my top two bands; Oracular Spectacular is my favorite album to date this year. The band has such range in their sound it’s ridiculous. I was drawn to them originally because of their likeness to the Stones, but their depth has unfolded as I’ve listened. This show will be packed, so get there early and dance. Hopefully, by now they’ve learned how to play “Kids” live, although, it is cool when they get in the crowd like they do below.

MGMT – Kids @ SXSW [You Tube]

Explosions in the Sky 4:30, Bud Light Stage

A sonic journey is what happens when you decide to see Explosions in the Sky. They’re like a construction company using sound as materials and they just keep building (promise that’ll be my only cheesy comment of the post). I am sometimes put off by bands with three guitarist because there only so much each person can do. But these guys layer the instrumentation beautifully.

Jamie Lidell (5:30, My Space Stage)

I may take a breather during this one but only because I am seeing Mr. Lidell in October. See my “outside influences” make sense now, don’t they? Jamie Lidell is kind of like the man version of Amy Winehouse, but without the horrid addictions and laughable live performances that accompany dependency to substance. Go see this set and dance like you’re at a wedding.

Battles (6:30, Citi Stage)

I started listening to Battles at the suggestion of our esteemed editor, Justin, back when I was a reader of LMB. My friends thought I was stupid. But I stuck to my guns and I still dig this band. They rock, period. And its math rock, I like math. Plus that heightened cymbal is sweet. It’s such a simple effect, but I guarantee everyone who has seen them live remembers that cymbal; check it out.

Battles – Atlas @ Empty Bottle [You Tube]

Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings (7:30, Play Station 3 Stage)

Sharon Jones has got some pipes and the Dap-Kings are bona fide professionals in the funk. This will be a great way to pass the time until I see Wilco…or Rage Against the Machine. I think we’ll leave that one as a true toss-up.

I hope everyone has a great festival and stays cool and hydrated. Hit us up with who you saw and what stuck out. Check back for reviews after the weekend.

Until next time….