Lollapalooza 2008 | Day Three Preview

The last day of a festival is always a difficult day, full of fatigue and sunburn, but with a little perseverance Lollapalooza Day Three can be an amazing day of dancing and indulgence. Sunday is usually the calmest day where discovery has more of a priority than frenzied fandom, but since this is an urban festival, the promoters at C3 have set up the Lord’s day to be one heck of a dance party. From local celebrities OFFICE to local/global superstar Kanye West, it’s possible to never let the beat stop all day. While there are many bands that may normally appease our crunchy yearnings, LMB is declaring Sunday the official dance day, aimed at draining every ounce of energy that our weekday bodies stored up for this monster weekend.

And after this horrible realization, a little dancing is in order.

OFFICE is big here in Chicago, so it is too bad they’re stuck with the 11:30AM time slot. Let them know pre-noon is the new after midnight and wake up with them at the PS3 stage.

OFFICE at SXSW (You Tube)

Another local product, Kid Sister plays just after noon on the south end’s AT&T stage. She is weirdly one of those artists that became popular nationally before she became popular here in Chicago, but that’s what happens when Kanye West let’s you on board. Plus, she always brings interesting guests, including Flosstradamus who is spinning later on, so continue the groove and wait for something special.

Kid Sister ft. Kayne West – Pro Nails (You Tube)

Brazilian Girls made one of the most amazing songs of all time, combining two things better paired than Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Brazilian Girls – Bonnaroo 2007 (You Tube)

See them perform it live to the horror of the buggy pushers then shuffle on over to Chromeo for some dance lessons from the hipster faithful.

Chromeo – Bonafide Lovin’ (You Tube)

After all that dancing, you might need a break. That break could be a mellow divergence from the sweaty bodies (Iron & Wine) or a heightened lesson in brain power from Saul Williams. Either way it’s a cease fire of physical exertion and a much needed re-charging of the batteries for either of the headliners.

Before we make that difficult decision, mull it over with friends at The National‘s 7:15PM set over on the North end. They are one of those bands that I thought wouldn’t translate well live, but they proved me wrong back a bit in Madison. It’s nothing like a typical rock show and the setting should be perfect for their sound. Do not miss this show.

NIN or Kanye West? If Bonnaroo’s disaster never happened, I would say choose Trent and his band of merry, modern dissidents, but Kanye always needs to prove himself (his flaw and our benefit), so the meta-star is where we shall finish our dance party.

Kanye West Vs. Bonnaroo (You Tube)

There will be some reference to Bonnaroo in his elaborate tour set-up, but after the buzz passes, it should end up being the best way to end the weekend. It won’t get dark until closer to nine, so be prepared for some delays and possible disasters, but sometimes a car wreck is as good as a miracle.

Kanye West (You Tube)

Let us know how you spend your Sunday.