Update: the lineup has been announced.

I’ve already given out some good info on Lollapalooza, namely that is it scheduled for August 4-6, 2006 in and that and are already rumored as signed on to play the fest (Theivery Corporation is a more confirmed rumor).

Greg Kot at the Chicago Tribune has all the good Lollapalooza info, yet again. You know, I know a guy that knows him and I might just try to pick his brain on this monster of a that is certainly helping to further interests in this great city of

The rock said it will 130 artists to play eight stages over three days, Aug. 4-6. A Chicago citizens group said the event is expected to bring at least $800,000 into Chicago parks, and promoters estimated that as many as 225,000 people would attend over three days.

Last year: 2 days, 65,000 people, and 60 bands.

By anyone’s best deduction skills, this festival has just doubled in size. “Sounds like a lot of running around…” – Glorious Noise. I agree, but I’d say it’s worth it for a supposed “more diverse, bigger name .”

And you shouldn’t worry if you were one that noticed the sound last year…

He also said that the stage layout will be adjusted to prevent the sound-bleed that hampered last year’s festival.

There goes again, always getting ahead of themselves and taking a humongous at the risk of being way too overambitious for their briches. I don’t really know why I’m even questioning this as viable or not, I’ll be there regardless so there’s no use spreading bad karma.

What’s Karma? I don’t know, it’s something Carson Daly came up with…

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