Lollapalooza 2006 | Last Band Standing

Announcing…Lollapalooza’s Last Band Standing.

Not to be outdone by some other festivals of recent (Langerado, Wakarusa, 10KLF), Perry and his Lollapalooza crew are offering up an opening slot on one of the main stages to any band willing to throw their hat in the ring — an American Idol sorta contest actually. Artists can upload their music, and we can tell them if we like it or not. Then, whoever we all like the most gets the opening slot and a hell of a lot more.

Go to, click the Last Band Standing link, and let your music to the talking. Upload your MP3 and see if your band is the next Chili Peppers or just another Hanson. Of course, you’ll have some say in the matter. Judges including Perry Farrell will narrow the field. Then it’s up to you, your friends, your mom (who was always so proud of her little rock & roller), and anyone else you can convince to vote for your band.

What the hell do they have against Hanson? Pfft! But seriously, though — there’s some damn good choices on the list there. You know the Arks. You know Dialogue. I think you should give them a vote. I’m just saying…

Last Band Standing – Prizes
* A spot on the lineup: an opening slot on a feature stage.
* Artist passes for the entire weekend with access to catering, the artist lounge, and everywhere else bands get to go!
* Rooms for the weekend at the House of Blues Hotel.
* Festival tickets for your friends to see you play.
* $10,000 worth of equipment from our friends at Gibson. (yes, believe it!)
* An interview and in-store performance at Virgin Megastore.
* Band promotion on the homepage of and partner websites.
* Plus countless other Lolla goodies and schwag.

Believe me — you’ll see a lot more about Lollapalooza 2006 on Live Music Blog in the upcoming weeks. The anticipation for the super-mega-gargantuan festival is starting to make me feel all tingly inside — and it’s only June!