LOL: Justin Timberlake’s Special Guest at the Super Bowl Halftime Show is a Prince hologram

TMZ is reporting that they were told Justin Timberlake is going to welcome a hologram of Prince to his performance during the Super Bowl Halftime Show tomorrow.

I’d allow a cover, but damn, a hologram? That’s just wack if you ask me.

Timberlake could easily bust out a Prince joint without taking away from his own songs and while highlighting his own talents. Something like “Let’s Go Crazy” as the opening song — or just as an opening riff before diving into his own work — would set U.S. Bank Stadium on fire. It wouldn’t be tough to pull off. Going with “Purple Rain” has face-melting potential, but it could also backfire if Timberlake didn’t completely nail it. [CBS Sports]

I generally love the Super Bowl Halftime Shows for all the glitz and glam, so I guess I shouldn’t be too judging about what a Prince appearance could actually do. Plus with Justin Timberlake’s new album not blowing anyone away, maybe this is something they found they’ll need to make sure the performance gets proper credit. Plus Minneapolis. Plus Purple. It does really sound likely it’s going to happen.