LOCKN’ 2020: Dates Announced, Phil Lesh’s 80th Birthday Celebration!

LOCKN’ 2020 dates have been announced! The festival details leaked a little earlier than the official announcement via the C-Ville Weekly, and the big change is that the festival is moving up a few months to June.

Next year’s festival will be a special feature for Phil Lesh and his upcoming 80th Birthday early in 2020. The festival has confirmed that they’ll be moving up the dates to the middle of June, spanning the weekend of June 19-21, 2020 plus they’ll be adding a “Steal Your Thursday” which they finally released some more details for.

New this year is a special “Steal Your Thursday” add-on featuring the Jerry Dance Party at the Main Stage. The extra day gives fans the chance to set up camp, get settled in, and take some time to re-connect with old friends and meet their new neighbors. Bars and food vendors will be open so you can eat, drink, and be grateful.

Early bird tickets start to drop later this week, Friday November 8th, at 8:08 ET. Stay tuned to their official site for the latest and greatest. The festival will also be offering a payment plan for this year’s tickets, so for anyone on the fence because of costs should be able to work it out.

UPDATE: the festival website has been updated to reflect all of this new juicy info. Seems like an interesting update to have them move things up so far. Could it be that another festival would have been a competing factor over the weekend of August 20-23, 2020?

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