Some time about six months ago I started attaching a “Song of the Day” to my first post each morning over on my personal site, Slack LaLane.

I just did it at first to jump start my own day, listening to and picking different songs in different genres, mixing live stuff from the recent and not-so-recent past with some studio stuff I could find online. But then I offered it up to the public, and I found out rather quickly, some people like these musical choices, some don’t care for them at all (less musically inclined audience over on Slack).

I understand there’s variety in life, and not everyone thinks the same way about music. Some people consider 6/19/04 the best post-hiatus Phish show, I thought it wasn’t even close to the best show from that weekend. That’s the way love goes.

So I figured I’d offer up these selections on a site where people actually care about music…deeply. Some days we’ll have multiple tunes, some days we’ll have just one. But hopefully it’ll always scratch you where you itch. Without further (Freddy) ado, we offer you the inaugural LMB Song of the Day:

LMB Song of the Day: I’m feeling The Band today…so you will, too. Here’s some Stage Fright, Up on Cripple Creek, It Makes No Difference, We Can Talk, Caledonia Mission and Long Black Veil.

And watch out for that “We Can Talk.” That’s the greatest three-minute song in the history of music, if you ask me.