Happy Monday, folks. Everyone out here in the is recovering emotionally after the transcendent experience that was this year’s Benefit concert down in Mountain View, CA. While I couldn’t make it myself this year, most of my crew made it out for a day and reported back nothing but smiles and heartfelt appreciation for music and what Neil Young brings to the table each and every year for this special event.

As always Neil Young made a set of special appearances each day, and footage is up from the feed so you can see the sit-in he did as well as this shot of him and doing “Pocahontas.” Look at the band reaction when Young joins them on stage…

“That was a nice surprise…I would have done that song last.”

But moving onto next weekend, we’re psyched to see that Railroad is hosting a little party called the up in Placerville, CA. We’ve got a pair of to giveaway to the festival (which includes camping), so if you want to hit up this awesome looking party this weekend the likes of Railroad , the Funky , and more, give this lineup a look and post a comment if you want the pair of . First comment gets them!

Here’s a preview of some of the other stuff rolling through town this week:

Recommended Concerts Calendar


@ (Benefit for Seva)

If you’re anywhere in the area this seems like your best bet for a jamband party tonight; otherwise it seems pretty quiet around town.


Gold Panda: "Quitters Raga" [OFFICIAL]

Gold Panda @ The Indy (with Jonti, Blackout Make Out)

Everything I’ve been told about Gold Panda is that I should be listening to it; sadly I can’t make this show myself but I’m curious to hear from the folks that make it out.

Also on Tuesday: the dudes in are up in Sebastopol for a two-night run at the Abbey Tavern.


The Neurovoltaic Orchestra @ 2011 - Portion of Renegade Set

The Neurvoltaic Orchestra (NVO) @ Madrone Art Bar (FREE)

I’d be remiss to my own personal best interests and full-on narcisstic side to not mention the fact that my own band, The Neurvoltaic Orchestra (or NVO), is playing at Madrone Art Bar on Fell and Divisadero. That’s kinda the biggest one on my radar that night but I’m a bit biased.

See, I’m no “music editor” by trade and I really started out playing music before I ever got into publishing my stupid jokes and links online. I play drums, and when I moved to I played with a band called ( turned Bad Bibles after a change and a direction shift). And I hooked up with my good friends because they started this amazing, instrumental electronic funk band and they needed some extra help behind the laptop.

Here we are, about 20 gigs later, tons of rehearsals, recording and remixing and tons of playing live including an opening slot for BioDiesel and earlier this year at , then opening for Signal Path and at Bottom of the Hill and then playing this year’s Burning Man Decompression party — we’re pretty psyched with how much work we’ve been able to put in and we’re getting good turnouts at our shows (thanks @JasonSpang!). Come check us out.

Also on Wednesday: the second of two nights of 7 Walkers up north in Sebastopol before playing Napa and then this weekend’s .


SBTRKT @ 103 Harriet

We may be getting shots from his show up in this week thanks to a new contributor on the site, but if we don’t hopefully I can make it over to catch the set at 103 Harriet on Thursday night.

Also on Thursday: is at Madrone, is at Bimbo’s, The are at and Band is at DuNord.


Skrillex LIVE On-Stage @ 2011 [1080p ]

Skrillex @ The Warfield

Look, I know that everyone’s ragging on BROSTEP extradonaire Skrillex and he’s got a long way to go to really, really be a worldclass DJ with as much style as has, but I’m psyched as hell to see his show this Friday night. He’s nuts, man. This music is absolutely mind-numbing and it’s worth paying attention to for at least the sheer fact that this is electronically and programmatically interesting. Maybe that’s why does so well out here in the ; it’s full of engineers and computer scientists and dudes that grow weed. It all makes sense .

Also on Friday: and are at the Regency, are at the , is at the , my new favorite band name ever, , is at Rickshaw, and so on…what are you hitting on Friday?


@ The Greek (with Omar Lopez, Extra Action Marching Band)

If I wasn’t already playing a show with my band NVO (with our good friends and jammers, One Way Station), I’d SO be at this show. It’s hard to top the last time I saw Primus as they had just reunited with Jay Lane and decided to start rocking together again after he parted ways with .

Also on Saturday: Sphrongle at , Deadmau5 at Bill Graham, and and our buddies in at the Boom Boom Room.

Speaking of which, I have a pair of tickets to giveaway on that show. The first person to email me ( @ livemusicblog.com) with the subject “I your deputy” will get a free pair of tickets courtesy of our friends at Tsunami Publicity. Get on it!


- I Will Survive (Live)

@ , Oakland (with & Tinariwen)

The weekend vibe will alive, strong, and possibly pretty hungover by Sunday. But this show would not be one to miss; every time my friends have seen Cake they’ve left unnaturally happy and high on life. This is a band I’ve yet to see live myself so maybe I’ll try to miracle a ticket out front for a little adventure over in Oakland.

Also on Sunday: is at Madrone, is up in Petaluma, (!) are at the Indy, and is at Yoshi’s.

What an awesome week for music; what are you excited about seeing?

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