Sorry for the absence of this here column last week; I got hit with an acute case of tonsillitis which definitely killed my Monday pretty badly. Felt like I was swallowing razorblades….but the good news is that it got me to the doctor to get some killer horse-pills to clear my junk up, so I ended up catching a few good live shows last week when all was said and done. More on that to come, but for now let’s dive into the cool music coming through this week that you all should be paying attention to.

Recommended Concerts Calendar

Tonight, our money is on , who will be joined at the by AfroMassive and Markus James & Wassonrai. These guys have been one of my favorite “discoveries” after seeing them open up for many years ago, and ever since I’ve made every effort to get people out to their shows to see their percussion-heavy afro-surf permeate every member of the crowd. Everyone is smiling at the end of a TK show…

@ Le Poisson Rouge NYC - 10/5/2011

Also: is over across the Bay in Oakland at the New Parish and will be holding it down at Yoshi’s SF with

I would totally want to see at the on Tuesday night, you know, just to be able to someday say, “I’ve seen ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ live before…” in some smug rock critic fashion.

Also on Tuesday: is in Oakland. Meh?

Although I’ve yet to really be swayed one way or the other, there’s no denying that has made serious waves in the past few years and she’s hoping to fill up the Fox Theater in Oakland by the time the show rolls around. Tickets are still available if you want to get in on the indie-tastic action that night.

- I Follow Rivers (Director: Tarik Saleh)

Also on Wednesday: is at Slim’s.

There are some seriously sick choices on Thursday, but my money would have to go towards at the (even though it already sold out). Tons of friends I trust were pinging me about this show and while I have plans already that will prevent me from seeing this, I’d be there if I could be. Or I’d be at perhaps the / Q.Bert show happening at the Indy…SAY WHAT??!

Also on Thursday: and of at , at , and at .

Given my propensity for the untz and style kraut-electronic, I’m all about trying to find a ticket to the show happening Friday night at . Should be an interesting set…

The other big show that a lot of people will be out for is the show at ; they always seem to throw big shows here and get huge crowds out. Plus they’re joined by and , which I would go see if those were the only two bands on the bill. I’ve never been a huge fan or RRRiot but tons of folks I know swear by them; for fans of the Decemberists and pretty indie rock girls in the audience, this is a safe bet.

Also on Friday: is at the , Poor Man’s Whiskey is at the (with Michael Kangfirmed Kang himself) doing Dark Side of the Moonshine.

Most SF weekends bring more good music than us fans know what to do with, and thankfully I’ve got my sights set on and their return to SF with a two-night run at the . Some friends are in town from LA, some friends are in town from , and one guy’s even in town from Cleveland, I think — not necessarily for the show itself, but a bit of planning means we’ll be there and I can likely float around between three disparate geographic “scenes” in my life. Plus is killing it these days and the Saturday (first of two with Keys & Krates) will likely run late in the NOPA evening.

Lotus - The Surf 11/5/11

Also on Saturday: The are at Brick & Mortar Music Hall.

Sundays are hard to get out for and after a later night at Lotus, I’m sure I’ll be dragging a little bit. Maybe I walk back “up” the street and hit another show with the same lineup, but if I do venture out it’d probably be up to Great American Music Hall to see with . People can’t say enough good things about both of these bands to contain my pessimism so I’d have to give it a shot.

08 2011-03-11 China Cat Sunflower-I Know You Rider

Also on Sunday: are at the Fillmore.

What are you hitting up this week?