LMB 5000! What the Hell Do We Do Now?!

It’s my esteemed pleasure and honor to welcome you to the 5000th post ever published on Live Music Blog. It’s only taken us 2,806 days to accomplish this small feat, and looking back over the time spent on this site has been quite the nostalgia trip for me in many ways. And while I’d love to sit here and reflect on every thing I’ve learned over the years and share as much gospel as I can, there’s simply too much good stuff to post for tomorrow and it’s way past my bedtime already.

ONE THING IS CLEAR: live music might just save the music industry itself.
WHAT’S NOT SO CLEAR: if it may have already done-so.

With the flood of successful music festivals over the years continuing to grow in scope, size, and general media coverage, we were psyched to witness this from the crowd as a fan and from the sidelines as a music blogger. And in the future, I hope to share some perspective from the stage as a performer. Before I get into all that, some thank you’s…

First and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone for their support on Live Music Blog over the years. On the cusp of 15,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 2,000 fans on Facebook, we’re so psyched that you show us that some of you may still be interested in what we have going on over here on this little music blog. All the links, all the comments, all the emails, all the retweets — all of it really does mean the world to us. Thanks so much for hanging out with us.

Next up, I’ve got to thank all the contributors for sending in awesome content and choosing to share their passion with all of you. I’ve never really considered myself a true Editor in the sense of the word, and all the awesome stuff you read on the site from Whitperson, Wesley, Aaron, Pete, Andrei, Dana, et. al. — it’s all the result of their amazing willingness to share their love of live music with all of you. Our contributors have made up a grand portion of those 5,000 posts that we’ve done so far, and they all deserve the biggest round of applause … much more than a half-assed Editor could ever give their way.

You know who else deserves a lot of praise by both me and my contributors alike? All of those amazing sources we read and get inspired by daily. Sites like JamBase, Consequence of Sound, Relix and Pitchfork have provided us with more content than we ever could have written ourselves and blogs like Hidden Track, Coventry Music, and brooklynvegan continue to motivate us to keep our own little corner of the internet going as well. It’s clear we couldn’t do a lot of what we do without these sites helping us out along the way…

And finally, I’d like to thank my friends and family!

Thanks, ya’lls. Here’s to 5,000 more posts!