Lizzo played Milwaukee’s Summerfest last night and sadly had a bit of a dust-up that we don’t think should be taken lightly.

Shortly after her set, she tweeted some bad news and supposedly posted a video of a security guard that she alleged had attacked her team.

The official team at Summerfest did respond accordingly with a series of tweets late in the evening.

The statement read that “Lizzo gave an incredible performance which she now feels is tarnished by events which occurred during the performance.” They go on to say that they do not tolerate racism in any form and will conduct a thorough investigation.

They also correctly back up their security team, but recognize that they need to get out ahead of this quickly.

We have an experienced crowd management staff who strive to protect performers & fans. While there may be challenges during a performance, we expect those challenges to be handled professionally & respectfully. If those standards were not met, we will take appropriate action.

Lizzo manages to end it on the best possible note, although she did go hard at the festival to give this a rough name in the media biz.

So hopefully it turns out that she overreacted, but if she isn’t, glad she brought it out there and she’s changing the game hard by calling it out when required.