The Phish camp just announced that they were remastering two of the more popular archive releases from the catalog…

Two of’s most popular archival releases, 12/7/1997 at Ervin J. Nutter Center in Dayton, OH and 5/8/1993 at UNH Fieldhouse in Durham, NH have been fully remastered and are available now on CD (packaged in an innovative and earth friendly, fully recycled folding softcase-pak) and for download. These CDs are not yet available in stores.

The Ervin J. Nutter Center show was one of my first tapes as I was just getting into the band. It’s standalone as one of the best openers to a show I’ve ever heard. We rocked it on Phish Friday a while back, too. Never heard the Durham, NH show but maybe I’ll pick up and give it a shot.

Here’s to hoping Trey gets his s*** together soon. He recently spent a weekend in jail as a result of missing a recent drug counseling sessions. I think I’ve been a little too hard on him in the past; it sounds like he’s really struggling right now. As Andy Gadiel blogged recently, “here’s hoping you pull it together and we can see you rocking out on stage soon enough…”


Dayton & Durham Remastered and On CD []