LivePhish+ Announced: Stream the Entire LivePhish Catalog on Demand

Phish is in the middle of a three-night run here in San Francisco and last night’s show was the fire. Today the band is giving us some more news to chew on and chatter about in the beer and bathroom lines at the venue for tonight’s show; the band has announced something called LivePhish+.

LivePhish+ is a subscription streaming music service that gives unlimited access to the entire LivePhish catalog, including the latest shows, archive releases, studio albums and side projects. You can sign up for a free 10-day trial, and then renew on a monthly or annual basis. When Phish is off the road, we will be releasing previously unreleased shows from the Phish Archives.

Along with this subscription service was the news that the LivePhish app has been updated and released already; download on iOS here and Android here.

At the center of this new service is a brand new LivePhish app, rebuilt from the ground-up with gapless playback, fast-forwarding and rewinding within songs, and the ability to create and save playlists. It’s available now for both iOS and Android devices, and we’re actively developing a browser-based player as well.

Finally, it looks like they pulled the “listen to last night’s show” feature that some of us enjoyed but maybe it’ll still be a part of the app somewhere down the road. Looks like you’ll still be able to use the LivePhish app but in a limited capacity if you’re not a LivePhish+ subscriber.

It is not necessary to subscribe to LivePhish+ to use the App. Non-subscribers may continue to use the LivePhish App to stream shows in your Stash as well as Featured Shows rotating on a regular basis.

We’ve yet to play with it and fully give it a full opinion, but I love the idea of having a subscription model to support my Phish fandom. It still costs a lot to run an organization like this and the band routinely gives back in the form of free downloads and free webcasts and the like. If that means a ton of fans start tossing $10 their way every month, small price to pay if it means we could get some exclusive streams that aren’t available other spots like Spotify or iTunes. I, for one, am all for it.

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