I’ll admit — my eyes gloss over just a bit whenever I have to think about the business side of the . I think about business enough as it is and I hate to have it creep into the part of me that finds enjoyment in music.

I’ve yet to review my copy of the documentary, Before the Music Dies, but I believe this is in the center of the point they’re trying to drive home. I’ll confirm once I’m actually a little more educated on the subject, but one of their takeaways is — “the isn’t really about music, it’s about commerce” – ?uestlove.

It’s sad to see the commerce side of the music biz creep its way into the concert / live show side, but hey, why not monopolize as much as you can while you’re able to get away it…

announced today that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of . With this acquisition, now owns, operates and/or has booking rights for more than 170 , including the addition of ten “”-branded small- sized music in the major markets of , Anaheim, San Diego, , , , Cleveland, Orlando, Myrtle Beach and ; The Commodore Ballroom, a small-sized music venue in ; and eight amphitheaters in , , San Diego, Denver, Dallas, , Cleveland and .

What do you folks think about this? Is this good for us? Bad for us? Drop some knowledge in the comments…

Live Nation Completes Acquisition of House of Blues [Yahoo]

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