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Nation is going to be a major stakeholder above and beyond what they are currently in the & Arts in , Tennessee.

is reporting that the major company will be buying out and that while they may be on as advisors going forward, they are technically not going to produce the at all anymore.

Nation purchased a controlling interest in the festival in 2015 and has told minority owners in that it plans to exercise a buyout clause in the agreement to purchase the rest of the festival, has learned. The transaction will take place before next year’s festival and effectively ends ’s role as festival producer, although limited role for at the festival is being considered. Going forward, will be produced by co-founder AC Entertainment and , which Nation purchased in 2014.

It’s a bit of a sad to see as a fan, because arguably the creative success of Bonnaroo was really based on the foundation and vision that Superfly set out . But this also means the festival has a backing and a foundation going forward that will rival any other music festival anywhere in America.

Hopefully the festival maintains what cache it’s built up going into .

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