Try as I might, I really am not that good of a live music photographer.

Back when this blog started and I was thinking about some of the stuff I wanted to start providing for the site, taking live music photos was a simple and logical progression. I always had a camera, but I never had a Digital SLR with a lens that could actually capture live music well. So for the most part, my “Justin as photographer” experience has been somewhat of the following: show up, take as many photos as I can with the shutter speed super slow, and hope that at least 5% of them show up okay once I get home.

Today, I guess you’re lucky to be spared and we’re lucky to have friends in this business, as we’ve got some great photos to share thanks to Nicholas Tolson. I’ve seen his shots before but I never really called them out or mentioned them in any more detail, so I thought I’d round up a list of his latest photo galleries from Flickr

Feel free to show Nicholas some love in the comments; I personally love a lot of these photos and I’d be eager to see more.

Also, feel free to send us any photos that you’ve taken yourself and we’ll be happy to feature them and credit them on Live Music Blog (assuming that they’re actually usable and we like them). Email us at vibes @ and we’ll try to give you some rockstar treatment…