Live Music Blog’s Rocktober

I just wanted to make mention of the very special Live Music Blog month that we just had.

I’m not sure how many posts there were (I’ll get that up later today), but there was a lot of fresh activity on the Live Music Blog this past month. I think it helped us greatly in achieving a certain milestone that is nothing to shake a stick at. Yesterday for the first time ever, Live Music Blog had over 1,000 unique visitors. That is good stuff. I’m glad to see that people are finding the site and I think we’re getting some great word-of-mouth. Keep coming back and stay tuned for a pretty site redesign. I think it’ll make the site purr a little nicer and it’ll keep the focus on what we do best–bloggin’ about music we like.

I’d like to thank everyone that comes to the site and cheers us on. This was not easy to get started but I imagine that it’s something that will continue on for years to come. As always, we’d love to take your questions, comments, submissions, links, etc. Would you like to write for the site on a more part-time/full-time basis? Email me for that, too. Send all to vibes @