Live Music Blog Refresh

Welcome to the new Live Music Blog!

Before / After


I’ve slapped a fresh coat of paint on the design, certainly inspired by many — Dooce, John Zeratsky, brooklynvegan — and certainly inspired by my past two months at FeedBurner. The site is definitely feed-powered now, with feeds for main posts, comments, podcasts, and the newest addition ot the Live Music Blog family — Live Wire.


The old design got tired. ‘Nuff said.


From time to time, I’ll be adding timely links to the sidebar that I think might interest some of the readers — probably one or two a day at most. Some stuff doesn’t deserve to be on the sidebar permanently and some stuff doesn’t require a whole lot of explanation, and those will all be in the wire. Hope you enjoy the selections.


Let me know what you think of the new design in the comments. If you think it sucks, sorry but I simply cannot help you. I’m just warning you in advance.