Collection of SXSW Swag (free with badges)

Well, folks — I’m sitting in one of the crappiest hotels in Austin trying to catch up on work stuff and plan ahead the week here at SXSW 2007, the conference ménage a trois featuring the best and brightest in Interactive Web, Film and Music.

I’m already about three days in, so I’ve already gotten the pleasure to sit in on a lot of the Interactive panels so far, including my own little brief foray into pretending I’m someone that knows what I’m talking about. Quite fun. And already, I’ve met more interesting people that I usually meet in a year so that much has been worth it alone.

I’ve got a small post coming on the only show I’ve seen so far — Voxtrot and Daniel May — a great little party last night at the KLRU Studios on the University of Texas campus. If that doesn’t sound familiar, I’m sure you’ve seen it by sight as it’s the studio where they film Austin City Limits TV program. I was slightly geeked out just from sitting in the studio and the show was pretty good. More on that to follow, and hopefully you can count on me for some more updates straight from SXSW as they occur…