Live Earth | “The Concert for a Climate in Crisis”, 7.7.07


Late last week, Al Gore and a slew of other artists held a press conference to announce Live Earth, a huge multi-continent event on July 7, 2007 (7.7.07).

Environmental activists led by former Vice President Al Gore announced plans Thursday for a 24-hour pop concert across seven continents in July to mobilize action to stop global warming. The “ ” concerts on July 7 and will bring together more than 100 of the world’s top musical acts, organizers said.

The first round of artists added was: The , The , , , Akon, A.F.I., , , and Faith Hill. Then these artists got announced: , , , , Korn, , , and Enrique Iglesias.

After that, there was confirmation that these artists were added: , and (broken by Hidden Track).

There’s going to be an insane amount of news about this in the near and we’ll be following most of it, especially the angle about caring about the environment and stuff. I saw An Inconvenient Truth recently and I was easily moved by the evidence that Al Gore presents during the movie. this, the Green Apple Music Festival, and many other soon-to-be-announced “green initiatives,” it’s looking like 2007 will another year spent educating the public on the potential dangers associated living so carelessly industrialized. Sounds like

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  1. With all the bands that will be reuniting and touring this summer, LiveEarth has a really good shot of being monumental. It could suck too, so we’ll see.

    Phish reuniting for this event isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. Doubtful, but possible.

  2. Yeah, I can’t help but immediately think of Live 8 — monumental and yet, wait…tell me again what they accomplished and/or hoped to?

    The real key to the success of the event will be what they have planned after they count all their donations. They better keep the press releases flowing on that front…

  3. I wonder how many of these bands have lyrics that Tipper Gore would have objected against? I’m hesitant to support it out of principle for that stupid stuff.

    And Phish and Al Gore DO have a history Scotty…

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